About Me


My Work


Growing up in small town America, my mother used our front porch as an outdoor living room for family and friends to pass the time. A place where advice was garnered, jokes were told, melodies were sung, and stories were spun. It was a place where my mother told tales that taught us the cultural ideals of family, friends, and community. I’ve carried her lessons into my approach to writing. My stories and music address subtle messages of friendships, community acceptance, respect, collaboration, forgiveness, and acceptance.


My Community



Connect: Engaging in the needs of the community.

Relationships: Forming and nurturing social groups that create and support healthy communities.

Purpose: Helping people use their strengths to create innovative and sustainable solutions and deepen their sense of purpose.

Service: Activating and cultivating Acts of service to humanity. 

Gratitude & Celebration: Expressing and nourishing the accomplishments of the work and giving back so that the good continues.

Build Community

Creating community one story at a time by complementing the good our neighbors are doing so that good continues.

The power of a story is magnified when it is shared.

Join the community and engage in making a difference for the better good.


Successinsight Podcast What If?

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