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Children's books that use songs and lyrics to enhance the readers experience. At times the songs may set a tone, create emotion, provide a glimpse into a character, or provide a moment for self reflection. New eBooks set to music.

The Garden Raid eBook

The Garden Raid eBook Cover

eBooks: The Garden Raid presented in text only available for $2.99 .

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The Magic You Don't See

A new interactive storybook set to song.

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Lara Hirschberg illustrator

Chain Links, We're Better Together paperback book

Chain Links paperback cover

 Eleven-year-old Tom has been dreaming of taking first place in the bike contest on Sandy Hill Day for months. But when Tom’s friends make a split-second decision that could nullify their qualifications for entering the contest, his dream begins to grow into a nightmare.  Maybe winning the contest isn’t the answer to his problem? 

The Garden Raid paperback book

The Garden Raid book cover


The Garden Raid is an encouraging tale about a young boy who yearns to belong and discovers his own path and inner voice, respect, acceptance and friendships follow. 


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The Garden Raid Set to Songs 

One John W. Nassivera's interactive eBooks that features music by a variety of artist.

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