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Chain Links, We're Better Together Album by Various Artists

Chain Links We're Better Together Album Cover

As We Get Bolder

Rules Are Rules

It's Show Time

Ready Set Go  

Chance of Rainbow Showers

Felling So Cool   

Drum Roll Please

            The Winner Is             

Head In a Haze

The Scent of Violets

Is That a Smile I See

            Show the Love                  

The Garden Raid

Bob Bates and Friends

The Garden Raid download music & streaming music

Cat and Mouse

Howling at the Moon

Dear Mr. Varney

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Drum Roll Please

You’re going to want more cowbell

When originally composing we were looking to use some cowbell, and who not better to bang on the bell than Albert Bouchard of Blue Oyster Cult. A sound like Mountain’s “Mississippi Queen” came to mind, but we rolled with the drums and rhythm bombs dropped.




The Lead Is Mine

Every coin has two sides

Listen to “Ready Set Go” vs. “Stopped Red Handed” for both sides of the race. I sat wondering when does the reader/listener have the opportunity to jump into the heads of two characters in the midst of their conflict. I mean really hear their inner voices call the race. 

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Chain Links, We're Better Together

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New Releases This Month

Dear Mr. Varney by Bob Bates


  Several years ago I performed on the Grand Ole Opry with Charlie Louvin from the Louvin Brothers. I came to love the Louvin sound. When I wrote Dear Mr. Varney, I decided to recreate that old fashion sound that Charlie and Ira produced that  was so simple and yet so effective. 

Howling at the Moon Shout Out to Johnny Cash


When Johnny Cash started out with The Tennessee Two, which was Luther Perkins on the electric guitar and Marshall Grant. They went to Sun Records to record and almost half apologized for their simple bare bones  sound but Sam Phillips knew that their sound was special. 

Cat and Mouse Bob Bates & John W. Nassivera


A shout out to the Delta Blues. Recorded for the soon to be released eBook set to songs, "The Garden Raid" by John W. Nassivera. The song tells the story of a group of friends playing a game of cat and mouse with a ghostly old man and his demon dog.

The Magic You Don't See


Alan Dunham & John W. Nassivera


The Magic You Don't See 

Back in the studio working on new music, featuring old friends and new artists.

Giving Is


Sam Reed & John W. Nassivera


Giving is a true confession

A gift of our hearts’ expression

Of love in our possession

Breaking the chain of oppression